3000 sound pack

Hard to Find Sounds

"This library is perfect for those hard to find sounds - I've been blending these with my own field recordings." Ben Long, Composer/Sound Designer

"Awesome Value"

"It's an awesome value for the money. This is the last effects pack you'll ever need!"- John Battagline, Developer

"Pretty Great"

"This is actually pretty great. I've been wasting money on downloading single sounds. Now I have 3000 nice ones!"- Fredrik Kaupang, Developer

"Thanks a ton!"

"I do alot of fast paced broadcast editing and always need some obscure sound. instead of searching for hours online for each one, I now have a library to dip into and grab what I need. Thanks a ton!"- Josh Burleson, Video Editor




Royalty Free Library




The library is produced in Finland and all files are conveniently delivered in both WAV(16 bit /44.1 khz) and MP3(320 kbps) format. Once they are downloaded, you can use them forever. Overall, this is the perfect solution to overspending on single sound downloads. Sure, there are other sounds effects packages out there, but they can be incredibly expensive. This royalty free collection is totally affordable and packs three thousand pro sounds which you can download immediately. Developers and producers can use them in all forms of media projects while audio professionals can use them as part of their spice rack. Go ahead and sprinkle some jet engine on that frog you just recorded. Many monsters are born that way! Go ahead and take a listen to the demo to hear for yourself.

Finnolia did a great job on the production of these sounds and no animals were harmed. So whether you need a laser, gunshot, coins, or a million different beeps, this library has all those effects and more. Please check their demo and get a full list of sounds effects included.

The effects from these SFX range from deeper user engagement to increased product quality. It really depends on what you're using them for - Here's just s few of the possibilities outside of games: Film and Video Productions, TV and Radio Shows, Internet Videos, Corporate Videos, Training Videos, Tutorials, Instructional DVDs, Video Effects, Trailers, Presentations, Multimedia Projects, Animations, Slide-Shows, Apps, Commercials, Advertising, Live Performances, Theatre Plays, Audio Books, Podcasts, Software Applications, Special Effects. Sound good? Go ahead and download all 3000 sounds effects today!

Audio is important and it's effects are vast. See for yourself what these sounds can do for your project. Go ahead and grab all 3000 and use them forever. Not all developers and producers have a budget for custom sounds effects from an audio designer. Consequently, audio professionals can get creative and layer our 101 audio pack with their own library for truly unique creations.