Game Audio 101

Music, sound design & dialogue are the three main components of game audio. Each of these carries a unique set of challenges. Your favorite film may get a few repeat views, but your favorite video game can easily have a hundred plays. This presents a unique challenge for those creating the audio and music.

The Interactive Entertainment Industry is vast and encompasses many different platforms. Each one has an entirely different way of handling audio and they all require captivating content. It's not just about creating this audio content, but making it fuction from within the software. This brings creative and technical obstacles for sound professionals.

Our creative, technical and career articles come directly from professionals working in the industry. Be sure to check the audio jobs page for today's industry positions. The page is updated daily with fresh opportunities.

Did you know that he video game industry is roughly four times larger than the Film, TV and Music industries combined? While the general public may associate video games with hit titles like Guitar Hero, there is much more to this industry. The growing interactive entertainment industry spans many genres and platforms. Here are the main areas where development is concentrated:

MOBILE - Android, iOS, Amazon

CONSOLE - Xbox 360, Wii, PS4

HANDHELD - Nintendo 3DS, Sony PSP Vita

WEB BASED - HTML5, Flash, Social

COMPUTER - PC/MAC Packaged Software

ARCADE -Coin-op, Leisure Products

CASINO - Gambling Machines

EMBEDDED - Toys, LCD games, etc.


Simply playing games can improve hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. No other form of entertainment has such positive effects. Keep your tuner dialed to the 101 and have some fun.